Here's the first of a bunch of mini-bios about the major players in Atomic! Kicking off with one of the series' heroes.


Atomic! started as an idea called Son of a Superhero - and the plan was just to have one son. It probably would have been Jonny – a serious 9 year old who felt the burden of responsibility and expectation. Luckily, I decided twins would be a better idea. Tommy was the kick in the face that the story needed – reckless, outgoing, mischievous and (after a lifetime of being hidden away on Atomic Island) keen to show the world what he could do. 

Tommy's powers come from his mother side - telekinesis (the ability to move objects with the power of his mind) which also allows him to fly, throw this brother around, juggle cars... and steal crocodiles.

But that’s not all Tommy has in common with his mum – he also thinks he’s better than ordinary people and isn’t afraid to prove it. All of which makes him perfect sidekick material for Madame Malice. Will he be a hero (dramatic pause) or a villain?

Illustration of Tommy: Jamie Littler
Inspiration for Tommy: My brother, Ian*

*Find out more about the origins of Atomic! at The brilliant Book Zone (for Boys)