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Here's the second in our mini-bio tour of the Atomic! universe. Feels weird, always putting an exclamation mark after Atomic! It's like I'm shouting. Still... What's one Atomic! (...) brother without the other?


The youngest of the twins by 5-and-a-half minutes, Jonny has always known that if anyone is going to take up his father’s mantle and become the next Captain Atomic, it'll be him. But, unlike his brother, Jonny doesn’t relish the idea of being the World’s Greatest Superhero – he knows what a burden it is. The people of Albion City depend on Captain Atomic, which means he has little time for anything else – even his kids. Jonny would love to be ordinary, at least for a while. He even manages to convince his dad to send him and Tommy to school. Which is when the trouble starts...

Jonny has similar powers to his dad: super strength, speed and invulnerability. His brother calls him a “tank”... all force and no finesse. But Jonny is smarter – and more powerful – than he appears.

Illustration by Jamie Littler

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