Caaaaptain Atomic! Hero of the hour!
Caaaaptain Atomic! Watch the villains cower!
Fighting for right by day or night,
Look! There he goes in jet pack and tights.
Caaaaptain Atomic! Go Caaaaptain Atomic!
Boom! Exciting! Hero! Whoosh!*

*Theme from the Captain Atomic Saturday Morning Adventure Hour. (Check TV listings)

Jonny and Tommy don’t see a lot of their dad, otherwise known as Captain Atomic, Champion of Albion City and the World’s Greatest Superhero – and when they do he’s usually just refueling his jet pack or recharging his multi-gun before another adventure. What’s more, he’s so worried about protecting his boys from his enemies that he keeps them cooped up on Atomic Island. Time for the boys to prove they’ve got what it takes to follow in their father’s footsteps...

Captain Atomic is a superpowered Renaissance Man – apart from being the strongest, toughest and fastest human being on the planet, he’s cured the common cold, created the self-cleaning saucepan, saved the world seventy-two times and brushes his invincible teeth twice a day. Go, Captain Atomic!

You guessed it: illustration by Jamie Littler. Thanks Jamie!

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