I get stuck. There, I said it. Every blinkin' time I write a book, I get stuck. You hear tales of writers penning entire books without so much as pausing for breath or stopping to make coffee and/or bang their heads against a wall. Not me - at some point I get stuck and when I get stuck I get grumpy. And so there I was, writing the fourth Stitch Head book (What's it called? I hope you cry. The Spider's Lair, I answer!) and yep, I got a bit stuck. And then grumpy.

But then this cheered me up no end:

As did this:

And this!

Now I'm less grumpy and, lo and behold, less stuck.

Thanks to Evan (as Stitch Head - you can see his Dinkin Dings earlier in this blog) Alex (as Gormy Ruckles) and everyone at Hampton Junior School for dressing up and being generally awesome. You are legends, all!

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  1. I'm glad you aren't stuck anymore because I just finished reading Stitch Head to my daughter and she is a big fan of yours now! I'll be posting a review on my book blog on Feb 15. http://book4children.blogspot.com.