People often ask me, Don't you think it's time you stopped cutting your own hair? 

Or, Where's the toilet?

Or, Do you illustrate your own books? 

Folk usually ask that last question when I'm doodling in their books, as if to say "Thanks for queueing – now watch me scribble all over your stuff like an overexcited toddler."

I do illustrate a bit and I like to think I can turn my hand to a challenge – anything from sandwich-making to sandwich-eating. But sometimes you just have to hold you hands up and say "I will never be able to do that." That's what I thought when I first saw Pete Williamson's illustrations. He probably won't read this (he doesn't own a computer, lives in a hut made from twigs and hair, and still insists on being paid in eggs) so I can gush all I want. I'm fairly sure there's nothing he can't do with ink.

Pete sent over some of the amazing illustrations from Stitch Head: The Ghost of Grotteskew (via carrier piglet) giving a sneak peek into the story and a first look at some of the new characters. Enjoy.

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