Quick update for fans of the Munglers Trumps (and curious passers-by...)

The Munglers are returning for their fifth and finest hour this summer! The cards will be given away free (free!) in libraries over the summer holiday as part of the 2013 Summer Read (see the phenomenal Chris Riddell's Creepy House trailer here.) 

I just got my grubby mitts* on a set of Mystery Munglers cards and they're looking good, if I do say so myself.

This year, the Munglers find their way to a haunted castle, only to find themselves trapped inside. As they search for a way out, the Munglers realise they are not alone. But who has lured them here ... and why?

On top of the regular top trumps playability, these cards have two more game options - and they assemble, jigsaw-style, into a massive 20-card tableau. We spoil you here at Munglers HQ, we really do...

Here's a quick tease of the villain of the piece and his humble home, disassembled and discombobulated:

And here's the new Mystery Munglers  line up, similarly scrambled:

More updates (and maybe even a competition or two) soon!

*My mitts are, in fact, impeccably clean. My socks, however are stinky like overfilled bins.

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