Like so many word-book making types, I seem to spend most of my blog space apologise a lot for not blogging enough. It's been a busy wee while, what with events and a book that just won't seem to do the decent thing and be finished. But enough excuses! Here's something else – I'm going to be at a handful of festivals over the next few months if you fancy saying hello in the actual, proper real. Here are a few dates for your diary or hi-tech pad-o-phone:

12th May – Storyfest (Hartfield's first children's book festival!)

5th June – Birmingham Book Bash

7th June – Hay Festival (The afternoon event is sold out but you can still book a place in the morning and meet Stitch Head himself)

28th July - Discover Children's Story Centre (Stratford) 

21st and 22nd August – Edinburgh International Book Festival

Hopefully see you at one, all or two!

Here's me trying to read without a book. It's exactly as hard as it looks.


  1. I have just read the first Atomic. It's brilliant!

    1. Thanks James! Nothing like a crocodile in a swimming pool, I always say.